Different Ways to Sell...

Homeologie was created with the idea that we are all unique and how we sell and work is unique as well. We offer special solutions for Indepentent Sales Consultants. No matter if you want to have great product parties, become a brand ambassador or start your own small retail business. We have a solution that will work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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After you purchase an emerald or diamond package, we will email you within 24 hours. You will be emailed a welcome packet. You will need to fill out the paperwork in order to get started. In the welcome email you will receive your 6 digit ref number. That is the number you need to start linking.

We are just like any other home decor website. We search near and far to bring you the best of modern farmhouse style decor, and work on designing new products every month. We have a distribution center that houses all the merchandise, and ships when you order.

We are constantly designing new items. We will update our merchandise monthly as new items become available.

Yes, we will be able to upgrade you. And as your career sales increase your discount level can increase based on your sales, up to the 30% discount.

You do not have to have 10,000 followers to sign up or to use the affiliate marketing. However Instagram does require you to have 10k and a business profile to use the swipe up to shop feature in your stories. If you are a smaller social media account, we recommend switching to a business account. Then you can view your statistics, and see how many people you are reaching. If you have a good following, get lots of likes, and reach a good audience, this is great. You can still use the affiliate program in the link in your bio.

The registration, is just to register as a customer on our website. In order to sign up to sell, you must purchase the emerald package or diamond package from the shop page.

Nope, its a one time fee, that signs you up as a decorator for life. And gains you access to 20% or 30% discounts.

No. Home party is one option to sell homeologie products, if you do not use social media. You can also sell in a booth, a local craft fair, or home show. The possibilities are endless. But you can sign up and only use social media sales, currently our most popular option.

After you purchase the emerald or diamond package, we will send your welcome email and paperwork. There will be a field to fill out with your team leaders name and number.

You will be paid on a monthly basis for all sales from the previous month. That way we can analyze your total sales for the month and pay your commissions accordingly. If you have reached a higher level of sales for the month, you will be paid a higher commission. You are paid 15% commission no matter what. 20% commission on your monthly total sales if the sales were $2500 or more for one month 25% commission on your monthly total sales if the sales were $10,00 or more for one month 30% commission on your monthly total sales if the sales were $25,000 or more for one month

Only if you are a team leader, then you earn 1-3% of your team sales, based on the monthly volume. You must reach a total of $10,000 in career sales and get two referrals before you can be promoted to a team lead.

Yes! Use the same link that you would to post to your stories. So post the correlating picture with the correlating link, like you would in stories.

If you have a successful Facebook page you can market homeologie on Facebook and use the same links that you would with Instagram.

Facebook is a great tool for a team. You can create your own private Facebook group for you and your team. Upload videos, tutorials, chats, answer questions, go live!

This is the amount paid for sales under $2,500 each month. Sales numbers reset on the first day of each month. Commission percentages are independent and not compounding except for Team Sales Commission.

Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Sales Volume for an individual decorator and will reset on the 1st of each month. 

(Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May)

We encourage everyone to get referrals, but being a Team Leader is optional. We expect team leaders to be a source of influence for their team members. Team members will be able to contact Team Leaders with question, suggestions or for social gatherings. To become a Team Leader, you must have a career sales volume of $10,000 and a minimum of 2 referrals.

Team Leaders must maintain $2,500 in monthly sales to receive the Team Sales commission. Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Team Sales Volume. The Monthly Team Sales Volume does not include your Personal Sales Volume and will reset on the 1st of each month. (Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800 & Team Sales Volume = $25,000; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May + 2% of $25,000 = $500; Total Commissions for May: $560 + $500 = $1,060)