Homeologie LLC, Homeologie.com, Homeologie website and Homeologie Entity(ies) will be known for the purposes of this agreement, as Homeologie (“Company”)

The following Terms may be used to identify an individual that works for Homeologie LLC as an independent sales contractor: “Independent Sales Representative”, "Homeologie Independent Sales Representative", "Homeologie Decorator", "Decorator" or "Homeologie Team Leader" and is defined as an individual:

1. Who has agreed, pursuant to the terms of the Homeologie Independent Sales Representative Contract, to be an independent sales representative,

2. Who remains an active Homeologie independent Sales Representative in good standing

3. Whose Homeologie Independent Sales Representative Contractor status as a Homeologie Independent Sales Representative has not been terminated.

Use of the Homeologie Website or Representative Sales Portal is subject not only to this Agreement but also to the terms and conditions contained in your Homeologie Independent Sales Representative Contract.

Homeologie Independent Sales Representatives are independent third party and are not otherwise affiliated with Homeologie. Homeologie is not responsible or liable for the statements, acts or omissions of Independent Sales Representatives, whether through or in connection with the Homeologie, "offline," or otherwise.

Homeologie enables Representatives to create, share and post content and that may share URLs that link or direct customers to the Homeologie.com website.

Representatives acknowledge and agree that Homeologie has no control over, and is not responsible or liable for, any text, images, or other information or materials posted by Homeologie Independent Sales Representatives to 3rd party online sites or personal sites managed or maintained separate from the Homeologie website such as personal Blog’s, feeds or accounts.

Homeologie has not taken any steps to confirm the accuracy or reliability of any Independent Sales Representative Content or other personal marketing materials communicated by a Homeologie Independent Sales Representative to you and makes no representations or warranties as to the security of any communications between you and any Homeologie Independent Sales Representatives.

Commissioin and Payment Rates

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This is the amount paid for sales under $2,500. Commission percentages are independent and not compounding except for Team Sales Commission.

Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Sales Volume for an individual decorator and reset on the 1st of each month. (Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May)

We encourage everyone to get referrals, but being a Team Leader is optional. We expect team leaders to be a source of influence for their team members. Team members will be able to contact Team Leaders with question, suggestions or for social gatherings. To become a Team Leader, you must have a career sales volume of $10,000 and a minimum of 2 referrals.

Team Leaders must maintain $2,500 in monthly sales to receive the Team Sales commission. Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Team Sales Volume. The Monthly Team Sales Volume does not include your Personal Sales Volume and will reset on the 1st of each month. (Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800 & Team Sales Volume = $25,000; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May + 2% of $25,000 = $500; Total Commissions for May: $560 + $500 = $1,060)