Frequently Asked Questions

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Orders ship out of our fulfillment centers throughout the US Direct to you. Shipping times are usually 24-48 hours from the time the order is submitted. 

Avg. Transit time is 3 days after the shipment leaves the fulfillment facility.

Orders placed over the weekend will ship on the first business day.

All orders ship at a flat rate of $7.99. The cost of shipping is added durning the check out process.

Returns can be made by using our online contact form. Returns must be requested within 14 days of receiving the product and must be in the same condition as received. 

Return shipping cost is at the customer's expense, except for damaged items. Many of our products are distressed or painted to appear rusted or have the appearance of chipped paint (Distressed Finish/Antique Finish). Each item is also hand painted. Slight variations in color and paint patterns may exist. These variations, distress marks, paint cracks or chips are intentional and are not considered damage to the product.

Homeologie warranties that the items will be received and function to the specification and standards listed on each product. Mechanical parts, such as clock mechanisms, are warranted for 90 days. Replacement parts may be given for failed mechanical parts.

Learn More about our Decorator Commission Structure

This is the amount paid for sales under $2,500 each month. Sales numbers reset on the first day of each month. Commission percentages are independent and not compounding except for Team Sales Commission.

Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Sales Volume for an individual decorator and will reset on the 1st of each month. 

(Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May)

We encourage everyone to get referrals, but being a Team Leader is optional. We expect team leaders to be a source of influence for their team members. Team members will be able to contact Team Leaders with question, suggestions or for social gatherings. To become a Team Leader, you must have a career sales volume of $10,000 and a minimum of 2 referrals.

Team Leaders must maintain $2,500 in monthly sales to receive the Team Sales commission. Commission Percentages are paid according to the Monthly Team Sales Volume. The Monthly Team Sales Volume does not include your Personal Sales Volume and will reset on the 1st of each month. (Example: Total Personal Sales Volume May 1 - May 31 = $2,800 & Team Sales Volume = $25,000; Commission Calculated: 20% of $2,800 = $560 paid for May + 2% of $25,000 = $500; Total Commissions for May: $560 + $500 = $1,060)